Gambling Podcasts Worth Listening to In 2021

These podcasts teach you about the ins and outs of casino games and sports betting.

There are a lot of ways that people consume content and learn new things. One such way is podcasts. Podcasts are a very easy way to learn a new thing by just listening to the experts. Gambling podcasts are one way to learn about gambling, simply by listening to people explain the tricks of betting. But before we start, we want to recommend you one of the Asia’s best casino brand – Gclub Royal1688.

Few gambling podcasts are worth listening to in 2021. They are mentioned below.

Beating the Book

This podcast is hosted by sports betting expert Gill Alexander. He tells you about all you need about sports betting and casino operations. It is very inclusive and informative and listening to.

Behind the Bets Podcast

This is a podcast that will take you through the way of making bets. Gambling analyst Doug Kezrian hosts this podcast. He invites other guests that know this field, and they take you on the journey through Las Vegas and tell you about all kinds of betting. They put one episode per week. 

Bang the Book Betting Podcasts

Bang the Book is the lead presenter regarding sports betting, all the information, and its analysis. It has a list of trained analysts that analyze all the games from football to UFC and they work closely with Sbobet to track all the statistics. They tell you and guide you through the world of sports betting. Adam Burke hosts it. He includes all the important sports gambling topics. This is a good podcast for a budding sports gambler. They put out five episodes per week.

Gamble on Podcasts

This podcast covers the legal gambling industry and provides all the guidance and information regarding the same. Eric Raskin and John Brennan host it. They cover all kinds of gambling, from sports betting to games played in the Gclub casino. They also invite experts and guests to make analysis and share important facts and tricks. They put out one episode per week.

Lone Wolf Hof

This is a podcast you can listen to learn about sports betting and gambling. It is very relatable and easy to understand. They put out one episode per week.

Gambling with An Edge

This podcast is for the people who want to learn to gamble and become a better gambler faster. You can learn to gamble with an edge by listening to this podcast, including authors and professional gamblers. They can teach the ways and different ways and tricks to make you a better gambler. This podcast puts out one episode per week and is worth listening to.

You Can Bet on That 

This is the podcast that is aimed at the recreational gambler as well as the professional gambler. This podcast aims more on the fun side of gambling and has a fun approach and can be informative. This is hosted by two hosts, Mark DeVol and Dr. Mike. They put out two episodes per month.


There are a lot of other podcasts that talk about all types of gambling. These podcasts teach you about the ins and outs of casino games and about sports betting. They are worth a listen.