PHI Centre VR Virtual Reality

We tried out the PHI Centre “VR TO GO” Virtual Reality experience

The Montreal art space is delivering headsets loaded with immersive at-home experiences.

The PHI Centre has launched VR TO GO, an immersive Virtual Reality experience that allows customers to rent Oculus GO VR headsets and engage in some spectacular stories in the comfortable confines of their own homes.

The PHI Centre delivers Virtual Reality experiences to your home with VR TO GO

VR TO GO offers two different programming packages: “Discover the World” and “Imaginary Tales.” We took the latter bundle for a test drive. Here are some of the highlights of the VR experience:


Canadians may be barred from South American spiritual escapades but PHI is providing the journey straight to your virtual headset.

 Virtual Reality
Ayahuasca, directed by Jan Kounen

This is an “experience” in every sense of the word. Directed by Jan Kounen, this short features remarkable sound design paired with innovative 3D rendering and CGI. People try ayahuasca to feel a deeper sense of connection to themselves — does this make the viewer have a deeper connection to technology? There is plenty to appreciate in every corner.

The only thing just as trippy was me repeatedly bashing into my drawer while wandering my room in awe. This is certainly the most intense of any of the experiences, as there is something to appreciate with every movement. I would suggest engaging with this one sitting down.


New York is so easily romanticized. It’s easy to forget that the city was not always glitz and glamour. Enter BattleScar: Martin Allais and Nico Casavecchia’s three-part experience exploring the origins of punk rock in North America.

BattleScar is as raw as it is accessible. Featuring the familiar voice of Rosario Dawson, this is an excellent introduction for the younger generation, helping educate about punk and a much grittier version of NYC that was the 1970s. It has a Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse sensibility, its animation style staying true to its story. BattleScar is more experiential than some of the other experiences, with VR coming into play to give context and background for its subject matter.

Gloomy Eyes

An official section of the 2019 Sundance Film Festival, Gloomy Eyes is a series narrated by none other than Colin Farrell about a zombie world in which the sun has permanently disappeared.

Despite the dark tones, Gloomy Eyes features very childlike animation, its style akin to 2009’s Coraline. It was nominated for Best Virtual Reality at the Venice Film Festival Awards and with good reason. There is something to take in from each perspective, so it’s encouraged to experience this one from a setting in which one can comfortably rotate.

PHI Centre VR TO GO Virtual Reality
Gloomy Eyes, directed by Jorge Tereso and Fernando Maldonado

The PHI Centre VR TO GO is available until March 30, and costs $67 for a 48-hour rental, including delivery. Please click here for more content and delivery details.

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