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Sugar Sammy calls out LCN for all-white racial profiling panel

The Montreal comedian made the statement using a meme from the Weeknd’s Super Bowl Halftime Show performance.

LCN has been criticized on social media for assembling a panel of all-white commentators for a discussion about racial profiling. People generally felt that the panel was not representative of the population, and that it was irresponsible not to include one or more people of colour for a discussion about an issue that solely affects them.

Sugar Sammy used a portion of the Weeknd’s amazing Super Bowl Halftime Show performance to call out LCN on their lack of diversity. The clip shows the Weeknd walking through a brightly lit set appearing to be lost and looking for something — to which Sugar Sammy captioned “Me looking for a diversity commentator at LCN.”

Sugar Sammy calls out LCN for all-white racial profiling panel

It was a funny dig, but in all seriousness, LCN shouldn’t have to be told how important it is for these issues to be brought to light and discussed by the people who are most affected by them. Even though the panel on LCN may have been full of empathy for what people of colour have to live with on a daily basis, the discussions of the effects of racial profiling, both mental and physical, as well as systemic racism in general, should absolutely include people who are actually affected by the societal problems themselves — not just because it’s common sense, but out of decency and respect for what they are going through.

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