review Emori Eli Sostre

REVIEW: Eli Sostre, Emori

An entrancing third album by an under-appreciated hip hop/R&B artist.

Eli Sostre, Emori (SUAN)

Emori (“succumb” in Latin) is most enjoyed when listeners succumb to Eli Sostre’s entrancing beats and melodic hooks, allowing the rap artist’s third studio album to take you on a ride in which Sostre is in the driver’s seat. The Marcy Projects, Brooklyn native kicks things off with a quick and captivating intro, “New Opps,” that sets a precedent for the hip hop/R&B tunes that follow. Returning with frequent collaborator SORIANO, Sostre’s sound and vocals feel like a Bryson Tiller and 6lack fusion. Riding the beat with catchy choruses, the instrumental breaks add a nice element of downtime while maintaining the album’s mellow and at times melancholic mood. When it comes to lyricism, Sostre has songs that will appease those of any relationship status, seemingly confused as to which category he falls into himself. Sostre demonstrates his versatility in an enjoyable album that is largely overlooked by the mainstream music industry. 8/10 Trial Track: “Fish”
“Fish” by Eli Sostre from Emori

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