Resilience Montreal

From right: Nakuset, Ian Lafrenière, Chantal Rouleau, Tasha Lackman

Quebec invests $3.6-million in permanent location for Resilience Montreal

“What an incredible day!”

In a move that’s being called unprecedented, the Quebec government has invested $3.6-million in buying a permanent location for Resilience Montreal, an organization that works primarily with homeless people from Indigenous communities who gather in Cabot Square. According to CBC, Resilience has been operating out of a nearby space that used to be a restaurant, but the lease expires in the spring. The new funding, via the province’s Secrétariat aux affaires autochtones, will allow for the purchase of another space near Cabot Square that will be used as a day shelter.

Resilience Montreal executive director Nakuset reacts to the investment

Quebec Indigenous Affairs Minister ​Ian Lafrenière made the announcement about the funding in a press conference on Monday, alongside Chantal Rouleau (Minister Responsible for the Metropolis and the Montreal Region) and Tasha Lackman, vice-president of the Foundation of Greater Montreal. Montreal Mayor Valérie Plante commented on the investment:

“Thank you @IanLafreniere and the foundations for your support to Resilience MTL supporting their move to a permanent location. @MTL_Ville will continue to support @NakusetS to carry out this project which is making a difference in the lives of the most vulnerable.”

Mayor Valérie Plante on the investment by the Quebec government

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