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Here’s what’s reopening in Montreal and other red zones on Feb. 26

The curfew remains but Quebec is allowing some cultural and sports venues to reopen and activities to take place.

The news that Quebec is reopening movie theatres, indoor skating arenas and swimming pools in Montreal and other red zones already leaked this morning, but Premier Fran├žois Legault had more details to add about how the province’s lockdown restrictions are being tweaked.

As reported, indoor sports arenas and indoor pools will reopen in red zones for families/households on Feb. 26, in groups of two people at a time. Groups of eight will be able to engage in outdoor sports activities, expanded from four.

Cottages in other regions can be rented as long as occupants belong to one family bubble, and that people from red zones don’t frequent orange zone businesses that just reopened. No roadblocks will be set up between regions or at the Quebec/Ontario border as previously hinted.

As of Monday Feb. 22, the Outaouais region is shifting from a red zone to an orange zone, but all other zones are remaining status quo.

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