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Fans ejected after confrontation with LeBron James

The Atlanta Hawks fan is being dubbed “Courtside Karen.”

Four attendees of last night’s Atlanta Hawks game versus the Los Angeles Lakers were removed from the arena after trading words with NBA superstar LeBron James.

“Just got kicked out for talking shit to LeBron James,” Hawks season ticket holder Juliana Carlos explained over her Instagram story following the ejection. She details standing up for her husband Chris after LeBron reportedly cussed him out. However, James’s words seem to have been instigated by the Carlos couple.

This is not the first time Chris Carlos has taunted LeBron James. A look at the Atlantan’s Instagram shows a number of incidents in which Carlos was disrespectful towards the four-time NBA Champion.

According to The Athletic, an internal investigation surrounding the matter has been launched by the Atlanta Hawks.

LeBron is taking the interaction as optimistically as possible. Following the game, he had a good laugh about the incident on social media, dubbing Juliana Carlos “Courtside Karen.”

LeBron James has referred to Juliana Carlos as “Courtside Karen.”

Last night’s win over the Hawks marked the end of a two-week road trip for the Lakers, where they finished with five wins and two losses. They return to Los Angeles on Thursday to face the Denver Nuggets.

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