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ESPN shares funny photo of 74-year-old Tom Brady winning his 30th Super Bowl

“Tom Brady > time”

Before Tom Brady’s 7th Super Bowl win this past Sunday, many were wondering if this was the last time they’d see the best football player (and arguably the best team-sports athlete) of all time play in the NFL. When asked about retirement post-match, Brady responded with “We’re coming back,” leading to speculation that the football legend would play at least one more season.

SportsNation and ESPN took the opportunity to post a funny aged photo of Tom Brady, reportedly taken in the year 2052 at Super Bowl 86 (LXXXVI), after the 74-year-old wins his 30th Super Bowl. (Naturally, Tom Brady would also be winning his 26th MVP Award that year).
ESPN and SportsNation have shared a funny aged photo of a 74-year-old Tom Brady winning his 30th Super Bowl and 26th MVP Award.

Many are of course thrilled that their favourite football player and athlete has no intention of retiring, and Brady’s stellar performance in Sunday’s game pushes the limit and perception of what “older” athletes are capable of achieving. According to Rob Gronkowski, “Tom would sign another 50-year contract if he could.” Check out the hilarious T-Mobile Super Bowl ad featuring Gronkowski and Brady, that was unfortunately banned ahead of the game due to a “protected rights deal with the official telco sponsor,” Verizon.

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