billie eilish new album

Billie Eilish has completed her second album

WATCH: The singer revealed the news while promoting her new documentary on The Late Show last night.

Billie Eilish appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert last night to promote her new documentary The World’s a Little Blurry. During the interview, the singer revealed she completed her sophomore album during the beginning of the pandemic.

Billie Eilish reveals news about her forthcoming album around the 2:45-mark.

“Two weeks at the beginning of quarantine was the most time off I’ve had in, like, four years,” she tells Colbert. “I made an album in it. I just don’t think I would have made the same album or even the album at all if it weren’t for COVID.”

Since the release of her Grammy Award-winning debut When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?, Eilish has periodically released a number of singles. These include the chart-topping “Everything I Wanted” and “Therefore I Am,” along with “No Time to Die,” the theme song for the next James Bond film.

Towards the end of the interview, Eilish confirmed that she has indeed seen No Time to Die in full. When asked if the film is good, Eilish replies, “It’s Bond, what are you talking about? It’s amazing!”

The World’s a Little Blurry is available on Apple TV+ on Wednesday, Feb. 25.

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