Women Against Trudeau WomenAgainstTrudeau

#WomenAgainstTrudeau is trending — see some of the funniest tweets here

“Sounds like a category on Pornhub.”

You’ve probably noticed the occasional trending hashtag on Twitter that just feels bogus, like the product of a political party desperate to taint their rivals with negative social media energy. It’s commonplace in the ugly American political arena, but Canada’s political parties (one in particular, we’ve noticed) is no stranger to the negative hashtag technique. #WomenAgainstTrudeau is the latest example, a hashtag that’s been trending since yesterday, and eliciting some pretty priceless responses:

Funniest tweets in response to the trending hashtag #WomenAgainstTrudeau
Funniest tweets in response to the trending hashtag #WomenAgainstTrudeau

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