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TONIGHT: Safia Nolin, Corridor, Hubert Lenoir & more play livestream show

L’Escogriffe presents 20 Montreal artists in a free livestream concert called L’Autel 4461.

Montreal music venue l’Escogriffe (aka l’Esco) is presenting a free livestream concert tonight, Jan. 7 (8 p.m.) called L’Autel 4461, featuring 20 Montreal bands and solo artists, namely Safia Nolin, Corridor, Hubert Lenoir, Nobro, Bloodshot Bill, Maky Lavender, Population II, Janette King, Birds of Paradise, UUBBUURRUU, Paul Jacobs, Teke Teke and more. See the complete L’Autel 4461 lineup here:

L’Escogriffe presents L’Autel 4461

For more information about the concert and to tune in tonight at 8 p.m., please click here.

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