mac miller interview montreal

Mr. Wavvy and Mac Miller circa 2013

PREMIERE: Watch a never-before-seen Mac Miller interview

The Pittsburgh rapper would have turned 29 today.

In 2013, Mac Miller gave me the opportunity of a lifetime. I was 17 years old and just beginning my journalism career. The Pittsburgh bred rapper was the first major artist who was willing to sit down with a fresh-faced and deeply awkward Mr. Wavvy for a one-on-one discussion.

Today, Mac Miller would have turned 29 years old. His life was sadly cut short on Sept. 7, 2018, which happens to be my birthday. This was not the only reason I feel so deeply connected to Mac. Being a fellow nerdy, hip hop and movie-loving Jewish kid from the suburbs, interviewing Mac was just like looking into a mirror. His illuminated spirit is deeply missed in the world of music. Interestingly enough, his project The Divine Feminine was the first album I reviewed for this publication.

I recently uncovered a clip from our interview that I had never published online. It features Mac and I discussing the meaning of life. As today is his date of birth, I saw it only fitting to share such a clip with the world in celebration of the man himself:

Mac Miller’s memory will continue to flourish through his timeless music and the sea of young people he inspired. Happy Birthday, Malcolm McCormick! We love you and we miss you.

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