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McGill students evicted for violating COVID-19 protocol

Students scrambled for last-minute accommodation following evictions.

More than a dozen McGill students were temporarily evicted from their student housing due to not being able to abide by COVID-19 safety measures. These evictions from the university’s New Residence Hall were allegedly due to the students failing to socially distance.

McGill COVID-19
McGill New Residence Hall

“Somewhere between 15 and 20 students got an email on Sunday stating that they had to leave the residence the next morning,” student Elisha Mayer told the Montreal Gazette. It is alleged that a number of students were grouped together throughout the building, some of them caught enjoying a film together.

Many students were able to scramble and find Airbnbs quickly, while others roamed the city for hours before they were able to find sufficient housing.

“I wasn’t allowed to check in until four…so Friday I left at lunchtime, and it was -18 outside, and I basically just walked around Montreal for four hours, in the cold,” a student from British Columbia explained in a CTV interview.

McGill is staying strict with COVID-19 safety measures. “The University has been very clear that students living in residences are expected to abide by these new rules and regulations. Unfortunately, despite several warnings and/or reprimands, a number of students have faced short-term measures for non-compliance to public health authorities and McGill COVID-19 regulations in residences, and some have recently faced exclusion from residences for a period not exceeding 10 days,” university spokesperson Cynthia Lee exclaimed in a statement to The Gazette.

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