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Here’s how Léger’s Presidential Election poll performed against the actual popular vote result

For people who don’t trust the accuracy of polls.

Léger is widely regarded as one of the most respected and accurate polling firms in Canada. Now that all of the votes have been counted in the U.S. presidential election, we wanted to test the performance of Léger’s election poll, released on Nov. 3, versus the actual popular vote.

Take a look at the results below.

Léger PollFinal Result
Joe Biden52%51.31%
Donald Trump44%46.86%
Jo Jorgensen2%1.18%
Howie Hawkins1%.26%
Kanye West1%.04%

As you can see, the Léger poll accurately predicted the popular vote results within 1% for all the candidates, except Donald Trump, where the poll’s prediction was still within the standard margin of error for a probability sample of similar size, +/- 3%. To take a look at the methodology of Léger’s U.S. presidential election poll, please click here.

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