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Did Grimes give Dave Chappelle COVID? Joe Rogan says NO

“Get away from me biatch!” — Sir Smoke-a-Lot

In an Instagram story on Jan. 8, Grimes announced that she tested positive for COVID-19. Dave Chappelle has also tested positive for COVID-19 and, as per a piece by Consequence of Sound, was photographed with Grimes at a show in Austin. Elon Musk and Joe Rogan can also be seen in the photo, which was reportedly taken on Jan. 19. None of the people in the photo were wearing masks or practising social distancing.

Did Grimes give Dave Chappelle COVID?

In a new post by Joe Rogan (below), Rogan confirmed that he was not exposed to the person who had COVID-19, and that Grimes “was NOT” the person who gave COVID-19 to Dave Chappelle. Of course, contact tracing has not been publicly revealed to confirm who infected Chappelle.

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