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Caillou has been cancelled and everyone is celebrating

PBS Kids is at long last pulling the plug on the Canadian children’s series.

At long last, PBS Kids is pulling the plug on Canadian children’s show Caillou. Though the show ended in 2010, PBS Kids has been syndicating episodes ever since.

PBS Kids shared the news in a series of tweets, in which they also offered parents advice on how to break the news to their children.

Twitter could not be happier about the cancellation of Caillou, who has devolved into a meme in recent years.

The general consensus surrounding the show’s cancellation has indeed been positive. Those who grew up on the series remember Caillou as more creepy than endearing. Many parents disapproved of the show’s writing, with its titular character more often than not getting what he wanted after being whiny and unable to compromise. This writer, however, grew up on Caillou and has nothing but respect for the bald king.

At one point in time, Caillou was in fact voiced by a Montrealer. Jaclyn Linetsky provided the voice for the character from 2000 to 2003, when she died in a tragic vehicular accident. Caillou’s Holiday Movie, the first Caillou to feature a new voice, was dedicated to Linetsky’s memory.

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