Backxwash Top 100 Montreal Songs 2020


The Top 100 Montreal Songs of 2020, pt. 5

The final installment in our 9th annual list of the year’s best tracks produced in the city.

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20. “Pirouette” by Chiiild

“Because we all wish we were driving on the coast right now.”

19. “Ce n’est rêve” by Population II

“Because sometimes you need a seven-minute psych-rock freak out.”

18. “Comfort, Edge” by Helena Deland

“Because of that guitar tone. Damn.”

17. “Thief in Your Eye” by Riches

“Because who says you can’t teach a Young Galaxy new tricks?”

16. “Please Don’t Hold Me Hostage for Who I Am, for Who I Was” by Thanya Iyer

“Because the Montreal experimental sound is alive and well.”

15. “Westchester” by Fernie

“Because the Kids from the Underground rocked 2020: Samaether, Mosez Jones, HXX, Housefly, Jad, Roy, Oshie and Fernie.”

14. “Hesitate” by Mike Shabb

“Because Shabb finds unique ways to change up the hook.”

13. “Lickety Split” by Martyn Bootyspoon

“Because, well, lickety split.”

12. “Sideways” by Tika

“Because sometimes a song just devastates you every time you listen.

11. “Irrational” by Shay Lia

“Because anyone who samples Junior Senior is cool with me.”

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