Trump martial law

Terrified and delusional, Trump is considering declaring martial law

CNN White House Correspondent: “So much crazy going on in that building behind me.”

This morning, CNN White House correspondent John Harwood laid out an analysis of the extended meltdown that outgoing U.S. President Trump has been experiencing ever since election night in November, one that has only escalated since the electoral college certified Joe Biden’s victory last week. Trump is reportedly entertaining the idea of declaring martial law to somehow resolve baseless claims about election fraud that have been thrown out of courts across the U.S., including the Supreme Court.

“We have a President who is not psychologically healthy,” Harwood said. “He’s terrified of being labelled a loser; he’s delusional; he is about to lose the protection and benefits of being President in 30 days and to return to private life facing very large debts, hundreds of millions of dollars in debts, facing the threat of prosecution at the state and local level as well as the federal level, though he might pardon himself. Therefore he is entertaining all these kooky, crazy ideas: seizing voting machines; making Sidney Powell, this conspiracy theory lawyer, special counsel on voting fraud; declaring martial law — an idea advanced by Michael Flynn, the retired lieutenant-general who was of course (Trump’s) national security advisor until he pled guilty to a felony for lying to the FBI about conversations with Russia. This is what is surrounding the president right now.

“We heard from Bill Barr that he does not think there’s reason for a special counsel,” Hardwood continued. “He is fleeing the scene of this craziness. But the rest of us are going to be watching this President for 30 days. It will probably be no more than talk because the President tends to do more talking than acting in these situations, but we don’t know, and everybody needs to fasten their seatbelts.”

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