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Santa & Legault spoke to Quebec kids about COVID Christmas

Santa said, “Lâche pas mon François!” and Legault was like a little kid again.

The Legault/Santa press conference that happened this evening was pretty stupid overall, but we watched it so you don’t have to.

The strange attempt at a feel-good Quebec government holiday special began with the Premier thanking kids for learning how to follow COVID safety protocols this year and asking them to give their parents a break from tantrums and other bad behaviour because parents have had a tough 2020.

Legault continued by stating that the North Pole is still a COVID-19 green zone, and proceeded to introduce Santa, who has been designated an essential service worker in Quebec, ensuring that Christmas cheer can be spread across the province (just like COVID!). Santa reminisced about delivering GI Joe toys to the Premier when he was five, and Legault nearly spilled the beans about St. Nick’s existence by saying, “You must’ve spoken to my mother!” He then corrected himself, saying, “Oh, you have a good memory.”

Santa then answered questions from kids, who asked whether he’s still accepting milk and cookies this year (answer: yes, and pie, and Portuguese natas), when they can see their grandparents again (answer: when everyone’s vaccinated) and whether the vaccine hurt (answer: no). Legault also reminded kids to stay two metres away from Santa anyway, despite the “fact” that he’s been vaccinated.

The press conference wrapped with Santa wishing the Premier well: “Lâche pas mon François!” Legault looked like a little kid again.

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