Pornhub just deleted nearly 80% of their videos

The Montreal-based site claims they are being targeted “not because of our policies, but because we are an adult content platform.”

In response to a New York Times article alleging content featuring minors and the subsequent call to testify before a parliamentary committee in Ottawa as well as Visa and MasterCard’s decision to no longer authorize payments on the site, Pornhub has removed all unverified content from their platform. The number of videos reportedly stood at 13.5 million last night, but this morning the total is 2.9 million — a reduction of approximately 78.5%.

According to Samantha Cole from Vice, uploads to the site are restricted to content partners and members of their Model Program, and all unverified videos will now feature the following warning:

Pornhub is set to start verifying that the videos they’ve removed meet the standards of their Trust and Safety Policy.

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A statement from the Montreal-based porn site reported that the Internet Watch Foundation found 118 instances of child abuse on their platform, compared with 84 million instances self-reported by Facebook. Pornhub also claims that they are being targeted “not because of our policies and how we compare to our peers, but because we are an adult content platform.” ■

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