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Mona Lisa reimagined as a Generation Z

A modern version of the most famous painting in the world, had its subject been born in the 2000s.

The Mona Lisa is the most famous paiting in the world, and valued at $880-million, is also one of the most valuable. It sits at the Louvre, and as pretty much anyone who’s been to Paris knows, is typically swarmed with tourists trying to catch a glimpse of Leonardo da Vinci’s creation from the early 1500s.

Artist Tati MoonS has created a rendition of the world famous painting, imagining what a more modern version of Mona Lisa would look like had she been born in the 2000s, as part of Generation Z. In a brief conversion with the artist, Tati MoonS confirmed that her version of Mona Lisa, complete with fine-line tattoos, modern attire and an overall contemporary style, is based on her own look. “I always wanted to paint the Mona Lisa in my style and give her my touch, so I did,” Tati said. “But I didn’t expect the post to go ‘viral.’”

Check out the stunning piece below, and for more on Tati MoonS, please visit her website.

A modern Mona Lisa reimagined as a Generation Z by artist Tati MoonS

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