Keeping Things Virtual From Concerts to Travel

There’s no need to forego your fun — there’s a whole host of virtual experiences that are set to stick around.

Do you enjoy travel, concerts and the arts in Montreal? There’s no need to forego your fun — there’s a whole host of virtual experiences that are set to stick around.

2020 has shaped up to be the year where everything changed. Although it’s been difficult in many ways, it’s also created new opportunities which weren’t previously available.

In the past, enjoying a concert meant leaving the house while a thirst for travel could only be sated by hopping on the first plane. Advances in technology means it’s now possible to enjoy so many more experiences virtually. These aren’t designed to replace going out into the wide world but as a wonderful supplement, especially when the usual options aren’t available.

Here’s a closer look at what’s available.

Broaden Your Horizons

It’s easy to get caught up in the daily grind, sticking to familiar habits that you know you enjoy. Going somewhere different can seem like an enormous effort, and a bit of a risk.

But trying something new on a virtual basis might be more tempting. Exploring new hobbies while at home means you don’t need to give up a coveted evening out to try something different.

This might be something simple as learning a craft or if you’re a sports fan, taking part in online betting at There’s a diverse range of sports available, and you could discover a passion for something brand new such as Gaelic football or greyhound racing.

You could also try out a new musical genre by watching a concert in the comfort of your own home. With an enormous selection at your fingertips, it’s never been easier to enjoy music and art, whenever you’re in the mood.

Travel to Far-Flung Places

If you only get a fortnight off work every summer, it could be impractical to travel to the most remote locations. While you may need to wait a while to cross them off your bucket list for real, there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy exotic places virtually in the meantime.

You don’t need any special equipment to enjoy 360 tours of many locations around the world. If you have a VR headset, this adds extra depth to the experience.

The new wave of virtual travel experiences aren’t just about seeing the usual hotspots either. If you want to sit in a hot tub in an Alpine mountain or visit a spooky haunted house, just hop online and immerse yourself in what’s on offer!

Going Out While Staying In

The arts have had a particularly tricky year in 2020 but the evolution of virtual performances is one that is set to stay. Childcare is just one of the many reasons why visiting a theatre, museum or studio can be challenging, and virtual concerts make performances more accessible for everyone.

It’s not just about singing, dancing and other performing arts shows; all types of art and culture could be beamed out virtually. Montreal gallery Arsenal Contemporary Art is offering virtual tours of the Metamorphosis exhibition, using 3D technology to bring their installation to a remote audience.

Metamorphosis is perhaps a very apt example to use, because that could be what we’re seeing right now. The I Ching, on which the Metamorphosis exhibition is based, comments on how human society is constantly subject to change. Moving into 2021 and beyond, Montreal concerts and exhibitions may be altered forever, with a newfound appreciation for virtual shows which don’t replace, but supplement real-life experiences.