Trudeau travel holidays

Trudeau pleads with Canadians not to travel over the holidays

“Even if you travel every winter, please rethink your plans.”

In a press conference from his Rideau Cottage residence in Ottawa today, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced an extension of the U.K. travel ban due to the recent discovery of a new variant of COVID-19. He pleaded with Canadians not to travel anywhere during the holidays so as not to exacerbate the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. Though there is and will be a marked decrease in snowbirds this winter, there’s evidence that Canadians are still flying south, or even driving down to Florida despite the border closure.

“Let’s be clear: this is not the time for a vacation abroad,” Trudeau said. “Even if you travel every winter, please rethink your plans.

“In many parts of the country, hospitals are already struggling to cope with new cases. There are new strains of this disease in places like the United Kingdom. The situation is very serious. By staying home, by following public health rules, you can be part of the solution. Canada continues to have significant travel and border measures in place for anyone entering the country. Unlike most of our allies, we have a mandatory two-week quarantine, including for Canadians returning to the country. In March, we brought in these measures, which continue to be some of the strongest in the world to keep people safe and save lives. Today, just like on day one, protecting you and your family is our top priority.”

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