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BREAKING: The new S variant of COVID-19 is in Quebec

One case of the S variant has been detected in either Montreal or l’Estrie.

After cases of the new variant of COVID-19 were reported in Ontario, Alberta and B.C. in recent days, one case of what is now being called the S variant has been reported in Quebec. The person in question had recently been in contact with a family member who had returned to Quebec on Dec. 11 from the U.K., where the variant appears to have originated. The epidemiological investigation has shown that the person who travelled had prolonged contact with three family members, all of whom tested positive for COVID-19 on Dec. 13 and remain in isolation at their home. The S variant has been detected in one of those people.

Though it was not made clear what city this case is in, surveys were carried out by Quebec public health in Monteal and l’Estrie, indicating that the infection occured in one of those locations.

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