François Legault

BREAKING: Holiday gatherings in Quebec might be cancelled

“Right now we’re not going in the right direction.”

In a press conference this afternoon, Quebec Premier François Legault told Quebecers to manage their expectations about whether it will be possible to gather with family between Dec. 24 and 27, as has been announced. The province will only green-light the holiday plan if the situation improves significantly in the next 10 days — a decision will be made and announced on Dec. 11. As hospitals in some regions are reaching capacity, it is looking likely that gatherings will have to be cancelled.

“When we make the decision, first I will think of the health staff,” Legault said. “Right now, these people are tired so we’re going to be keeping a very close eye on the situation over the next 10 days. The situation in hospitals is the most important criteria in the final decision. At the same time, I wish to be transparent and tell Quebecers the truth: Right now we’re not going in the right direction. The number of hospitalizations, if it continues to increase as we have been seeing, unfortunately it will not be possible to have the two gatherings around Christmas time.”

Today COVID-19 hospitalizations in the province reached mid-June levels (719), while there are 1,177 new cases across Quebec.

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