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Anti-maskers thought they were protesting outside François Legault’s home

The protest took place in Westmount this afternoon.

An anti-mask protest took place outside a house in Westmount this afternoon, with demonstrators holding signs that read “debat public/que,” presumably calling for public consultation about lockdown measures and mandatory mask rules in the province. The 15 unmaksed people assembled believed they were in front of the residence of Quebec Premier François Legault, but as it turns out, he does not even live in that neighbourhood.

“I don’t live in Westmount. The protesters got the wrong house … and maybe the wrong fight.”

—François Legault
Anti-maskers thought they protesting outside François Legault’s house

According to a Journal de Montréal report, protesters dispersed following the arrival of police, who outnumbered them. No arrests were made.

A similar protest took place outside the (actual) home of the province’s Public Health Director Horacio Arruda in October.

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