Zach Zoya

WATCH: The new video by Zach Zoya, “Patience”

The Montreal hip hop artist just released his debut solo EP Spectrum.

Montreal-based hip hop artist Zach Zoya released his debut solo EP Spectrum a week ago via 7ième Ciel/Universal Music Canada, and now there’s a video for the song “Patience.”

“‘Patience’ is a precious song, it’s the highlight of the EP for me. It’s about the long and tough road to happiness and the paradox that comes during that chase. I talk about that in the song when I say, ‘Every time I think of joy, I lose a little’ and ‘If I keep chasing happiness I’ll never find it, I think it’s just a matter of where your head is at.’ This song is me trying to remind myself that I’m in happiness right now, living this journey.”

—Zach Zoya

Watch the video here:

“Patience,” the new video by Zach Zoya

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