Bill 101

Bill 101: No denial that the language law will be extended to CEGEP

“Quebec was born in French, and it will stay French.”

In a press conference this afternoon, Quebec French-language Minister Simon Jolin-Barrette announced plans to strengthen Bill 101, the language law requiring (among other things) the children of immigrants to be educated in French through high school. While Jolin-Barrette did confirm that the province would not be reducing the rights of English-speaking Quebecers regarding services offered throughout Quebec, he did say that action must be taken due to indicators of a deterioration of French in the province, particularly in Montreal, specifically referring to the recent reports of downtown retail employees saying they couldn’t serve customers in French. He would not confirm whether Bill 101 would be extended to the CEGEP level, but noted that he is in “reflection mode” on the matter, and that education in Quebec must be French. Details will be announced and presented in the National Assembly in the new year.

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