Justin Trudeau premiers provinces restrictions

Trudeau is asking premiers to impose more restrictions in their provinces

The Prime Minister is expected to pledge billions to support provinces facing more closures due to COVID-19.

Justin Trudeau is asking premiers to do more to stop the spread of COVID-19 in the alarming second wave that Canada finds itself in, despite the economic consequences. According to sources within the federal government, as reported in La Presse, the Prime Minister made this appeal to the premiers in a teleconference last night — along with pledging a multi-billion federal investment to alleviate the financial burden of further business closures — and is expected to echo this message in a press conference today.

Trudeau reportedly said that he is not blaming the premiers for the pandemic spikes in their provinces, and does not want to tell them what to do, but is promising that the federal government will “do everything necessary, for as long as necessary, to keep Canadians safe and support them” financially. ■

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