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Theatre school alumni speak about sexual misconduct, culture of silence

Six former students of Dawson’s Dome program will address the need for change in a webinar this weekend.

In September, after over 30 alumni of the professional theatre program at Dawson College (aka the Dome) came forward with allegations of sexual misconduct, Winston Sutton was finally fired. This dismissal of the theatre professor came following 26 years of complaints being met with “silence, inaction and, in some cases, threats of expulsion.”

“While this was the immediate threat to the safety of students, and we are relieved that he may no longer harm minors and young adults, there is a much greater culture that enabled this to go on for decades that must be addressed,” says Kayleigh Choiniere, one of six Dome alumni who will take part in a webinar panel this weekend to address the culture of theatre training institutions. The event, which will also feature panelists Gabriela Saltiel, Grace Gordon, Mara Lazaris, Shannon Tosic-McNally and Amber Goldfarb, will be hosted by Imago Theatre and moderated by Micheline Chevrier.

“We hope to continue the momentum of our work to bring about the change so desperately needed to shift the culture, create safer learning environments and nurture young artists,” Choiniere adds. “This conversation extends beyond the theatre world, and everyone is welcome to listen.”

(Theatre school alumni speak about sexual misconduct, culture of silence)

The panel will answer questions submitted in advance.

To attend the webinar on Sunday, Nov. 15, 7:30 p.m., please click here.

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