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Racist, misogynist, crap husband & grotesque human loses job

F*ck you Trump.

Reality TV star and grotesque despot Donald Trump — who conned his way into the U.S. presidency in 2016 by feigning empathy with the working class and appealing to misogynists, racists, so-called libertarian douchebags and other low-lifes (not to mention election meddling by Russia) — has reportedly lost the 2020 presidential election to former vice president Joe Biden.

Following three long days of vote tabulation after polls closed on Tuesday night, the victory for Biden was solidified today with a win in Pennsylvania and projected wins in Arizona, Nevada and possibly Georgia putting him well past the required 270 electoral college votes. He also won the popular vote by over two per cent.

Trump’s campaign platform, if you can call it that, included maintaining systemic racism, ignoring the COVID-19 pandemic (except to say that it’s no big deal, a “policy” that has contributed to the death of over 240,000 Americans) — and generally continuing to be a horrendous leader and awful human being.

This win for the Democrats, along with being a (slight) rejection of Trump’s policies (Biden got roughly five million more votes than Trump did), also makes Vice President-elect Kamala Harris the first woman VP, not to mention the first Black and South Asian woman to hold that office.

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