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We’re lucky in Canada that COVID-19 has not been politicized the way it has in the U.S.

Trudeau was asked whether he thinks Trump will take Coronavirus more seriously now that he has it.

Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau was asked a question in today’s briefing regarding the positive COVID-19 test result received last night by President Donald Trump. The question asked whether the Prime Minister thinks Trump will take Coronavirus more seriously now that he has it, allowing the virus to get more under control and the border between Canada and the United States to reopen.

“Obviously we want to see the virus under control across Canada and around the world. That’s how we’ve been acting as part of international vaccine initiatives, part of doing our part to get this virus under control in Canada. We’ve seen other countries do different things. Obviously, there is an election going on in the United States where the stances or approaches on COVID-19 have been a polarized political issue. In Canada, we have been extremely lucky that it has not. There has been a concerted effort across orders of government, across political parties to work together to be there for Canadians and get this virus under control. We’re certainly going to continue with that in Canada and we recommended that path for people all around the world.”

Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada

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