Suuns Fiction

WATCH: “Fiction,” the psychedelic new video by Montreal band SUUNS

The Fiction EP is coming out next week.

Montreal band SUUNS have released the titular new single and music video from their forthcoming Fiction EP, to be released in Canada by Secret City Records (Joyful Noise Recordings worldwide) on Friday, Oct. 30. The video for “Fiction” was directed by Jordan Minkoff (aka Dr. Cool).

“Considering the limited time and ability to film anything in the Montreal red zone I got the band to send me some videos of them playing. I tried very hard to make webcam footage look watchable by rotoscoping it and turning it into some glowie sci-fi thing. My animation style is usually more colourful and wacky so it was fun to try and change it up for the SUUNS darkness.”

—Jordan Minkoff (aka Dr. Cool)
“Fiction” by SUUNS

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