hilarious Quebec Cameron Geller Fleetwood Mac TikTok Doggface Labatt Bleue Dry 10.1% orange traffic cones

WATCH: A Hilarious Quebec take on Doggface’s Fleetwood Mac TikTok

The video involves Labatt Bleue Dry 10.1% and orange traffic cones.

After a TikTok video by Doggface took the internet by storm a few weeks ago, many people have tried to honour the video by recreating their own version (even a Canadian politician has gotten in on the trend). A hilarious new TikTok video from Cameron Geller shows a “Quebec Version,” involving Labatt Bleue Dry 10.1% and orange traffic cones. Check it out below!

WATCH: A hilarious Quebec take by Cameron Geller on the Fleetwood Mac TikTok by Doggface

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