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Santé Montréal shares coping tips for good mental health during COVID

“Let’s stay positive!” (Mentally.)

As studies continue to emerge revealing the toll that the COVID-19 pandemic (and its social restrictions) is taking on the mental health of people here and around the world, Santé Montréal has shared a coping graphic by the local PINEL Institute, aka the Philippe-Pinel National Institute of Legal Psychiatry. (“Legal”?)

TIP: It is sometimes difficult to let go of a situation, but for the well-being of your #SantéMentale, it is better to focus your energy and efforts on the elements that you can control. Let’s stay positive!

—Santé Montréal
mental health COVID
PINEL Institute graphic on mental health during COVID. Santé Montréal | Twitter

To the list of things you can’t control, we would amend “other people’s reactions or actions” to include “social media contacts revealing themselves to be racists, homophobes, xenophobes and conspiracy theorists,” and in the “can control” section, “My information and news dosage” should just be a Trump photo superimposed by the magnified COVID-19 virus — two images we hope will one day be distant memories. Ah, 2020 — go fuck yourself, seriously.

For more, you’re also free to seek out employee counselling services.

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