Montreal hospitals

Montreal hospitals projected to surpass capacity next month

The pandemic may overwhelm our hospitals by the end of November according to a public health report.

According to projections published by Quebec’s National Institute for Excellence in Health and Social Services, hospitals in Montreal and the surrounding regions may reach capacity with COVID-19 patients by the end of November.

“If the transmission rate remains constant, projections suggest the number of beds occupied by the COVID-19 patients will approach planned hospital capacities over the next four weeks. However, these capabilities could be adjusted. For the regions of Montreal, Laval, Laurentians, Lanaudière and Montérégie, projections suggest that the capacity in hospitals will be reached at the end of the next month and even more quickly in terms of the intensive-care beds.”

—INESS report

Less than a quarter of Quebec hospitals are currently occupied by COVID-19 patients.

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