Valérie Plante death threats

Valérie Plante: Death threats are not part of my job

“To threaten my life is totally unacceptable.”

In a press conference regarding the COVID-19 situation in the city today, Montreal Mayor Valérie Plante was asked to address the recent arrest of a 63-year-old Verdun man who made death threats against her by e-mail (reportedly because free metro access was not part of the latest municipal budget).

“Yes I did receive threats, it’s not the first time. We should be so lucky to live in a democracy where we allow free speech. It’s part of my job to be criticized, but to threaten my life is totally unacceptable. It’s everyone’s responsibility to call those people out, and say, ‘What the hell, what are you doing?’”

—Montreal Mayor Valérie Plante addresses recent death threats

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