Royalmount Drive-in Event Theatre

Beetlejuice, Pulp Fiction, The Mask

Here’s what to see at the Royalmount Drive-in before it closes on Nov. 1

’80s and ’90s Halloween movie classics!

With Montreal movie theatres temporarily shuttered due to red-zone restrictions, drive-ins are the only way to see a movie out these days. Since the summer began, the Royalmount Drive-in Event Theatre has been filling that need for drivers, screening movies as well as hosting comedy and music events.

Sadly even drive-ins will have to close soon (due to weather). For the Royalmount, the end date for this season is Nov. 1, but they’ve got some sweet ’80s and ’90s classics screening over the next two weeks to get you through Red October.

Among the titles are Martin Scorsese’s (best gangster film?) Goodfellas, Tim Burton’s landmark Beetlejuice, Jim Carrey’s second most popular movie, The Mask, and the film that broke Quentin Tarantino, Pulp Fiction.

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