Quebec gyms

Photo by William Choquette from Pexels

200 Quebec gyms will reopen regardless of whether restrictions are lifted

Public health be damned!

Dan Marino of Quebec City gym Mega Fitness has rounded up a coalition of 200 gyms and yoga, dance, martial arts and CrossFit studios across the province, many of them in Montreal, that has announced today that they plan to reopen this Thursday, Oct. 29 regardless of whether Quebec public health lifts red-zone restrictions.

“We will be opening our locations in all regions of Quebec in order to once again become a partner in the health of Quebecers. All the sanitary measures in force will be respected. If the government by then is able to prove to us, with the help of studies, that we are a source of outbreaks, we will reverse (our decision).”

–Coalition of Quebec gyms

Members of the coalition said in a joint statement that working out greatly benefits Quebecers who are struggling with stress and isolation, and that the October closure of gyms was arbitrary, citing no (local) examples of outbreaks at health centres. They also argue that many Quebec gyms are facing bankruptcy.

Quebec public health officials are expected to make an announcement about red zone restrictions (and what’s in store after Oct. 28) in a press conference at 5 p.m. today.

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