The New Frontier For Developers: How Are Businesses Looking To Capture The Attention Of The New Wave Of Mobile Gamers?

Mobile gaming is only getting bigger.

The mobile gaming market was estimated to be worth in the region of $152.1 billion in the US in 2019 and this has only increased in the last year. With several developers looking to make waves in this growing market with new and exciting mobile games, this has presented plenty of opportunities for indie games as well as mainstream developers in the future. To help you understand changes that are being made, we will be providing you with insight into how developers are catering to a new wave of a mobile gamer. 

Providing Something New For Their Audience

One of the main ways that developers have begun to tap into the new mobile gaming market is to provide something new to audiences. With several mobile game developers breaking into the single-player market, they are doing more to capture the 51% share in the gaming market. With several stand-alone games as well as sequels of popular titles, this is becoming a hugely popular way of gaming.

Capitalising On Multiplayer Gaming

In addition to providing something new to their audiences, developers have also begun to capitalise on the multiplayer experience but using mobile devices. With several games on the market allowing for you to compete with your friends in real-time via Bluetooth or a sturdy internet connection, you get the multiplayer experience of a traditional console from within your back pocket. Whether you are playing on mobile slots or battling against your friends on Call Of Duty, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to the multiplayer games that are available to you.

With several developers also providing the ability to utilise AR and VR in a multiplayer experience for mobile gamers at this time. With Google Cardboard and other VR options for mobile devices, immersive gaming in all its forms this is set to have a huge impact on the way that we interact with mobile devices. With an estimated 2.4 Billion mobile gamers by the end of the year, this is 51% of the gaming market that developers can tap into. 

The Switch From Console To Mobile Gaming

Another huge step in the right direction for developers is the movement of games from consoles to mobile devices. With Nintendo, Microsoft and developers such as Ubisoft all bringing main console titles to mobile devices, this has opened up a new gap in the market. Some of these major titles that have made their way onto mobile devices are Call of Duty, Mario Kart and Super Mario. These have been developed to provide these mainstream titles to a brand-new audience.

With multiplayer options as well as the ability to play online, the use of cloud servers on the likes of Stadia is becoming the new way to game. In addition, a majority of these mobile games allow you to link Ubisoft or Nintendo accounts to provide you with the same experience that you would have when playing on your favourite console. Mobile developers have also given the option for sequels to PC and console titles exclusively on mobile devices. This has bought about a new audience to mobile gaming, providing an experience that can be played on the go. With the likes of Forza Street and Eve Echoes continuing the story on these mobile devices, mobile gaming is fast becoming the new way to play.

The Release Of Apple Arcade And Xbox Game Pass

The final shift in the new way to play is the release of xCloud as well as the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Experience on the Note 20 devices. With the inclusion of a game pass ultimate 3-month subscription as well as a gaming controller, this is set to be the next best step in mobile gaming, particularly on Android devices. It is important to note, however, that Game Pass Ultimate is not available on IOS devices at launch due to a roadblock with higher-ups at Apple. Whilst this can be problematic for those that play with their friends on Xbox, IOS devices have access to an exclusive Apple Arcade experience. This is highly beneficial for small indie game developers as well as larger developers of mobile games as it provides a brand-new platform for these audiences at this time. As the capabilities of Apple Arcade continue to expand, there are set to be many more benefits associated with the style of game and background development process for new and emerging mobile titles. Whether you are a fan of mobile gaming yourself or you are looking to invest in the Samsung game package with the new Note 20 device, we are sure that you will have the best possible experience when trying your hand at this new form of gaming.