Jason Bateman hints at huge Wendy betrayal “Like Walter White”!

Ozark’s fourth season will be its last.

Ozarks’s fourth and final season on Netflix will conclude the story of the Byrde family. The fans saw Wendy’s transformation into a vicious criminal and recently Jason Bateman hinted that she might go even further. Wendy Byrde, portrayed by Laura Linney, underwent a big metamorphosis over the three years of Ozark. She was a passive spouse of Marty Byrde when the story began and by the end of season three, she turned into a crucial member of the Navarro Organization using their money. While she is certainly a success as a criminal, her marital relationship with Marty becomes more and more difficult. Their marriage was never ideal. Already in the first episode, they had relationship problems. In the pilot of the show, Marty finds out that Wendy is cheating on him with a businessman from Chicago Gary “Sugarwood” Silverberg, played by Bruce Altman. After moving to Ozark Marty also started cheating on her with Rachel Garrison played by Jordan Spiro. The family started building a casino in Ozark for the Mexican client. The process of building a casino is shown in exciting details. Especially in the previous season, we have seen the INs and OUTs of the casino industry. Marty is managing offline casino venues in Ozark and in previous years we have seen his ideas to grow the empire into other states too. Rumors state that the final season of the show may include the building not only offline but also digital casino platforms. Marty’s offline casino venues have all types of gaming offers. Jason’s character explained how the slots machines entertain and give joy to players. In the final season, Marty’s character has to grow his casino empire exponentially to achieve financial goals from Mexican partner. In season three Marty even spied on his wife. It seemed like they tried to fix their broken relationship by seeing a therapist but then each of them tried to bribe the therapist. For Wendy, the point of no return was probably when she had her brother Ben, played by Tom Pelphrey, killed. It was clear how shaken Wendy was by this event, yet she made the choice, thus establishing her place in Navarro Cartel and showing her loyalty to Omar Navarro. When asked what Marty thinks about his wife Jason Bateman said that he hopes Wendy will not “pull a Walter White”. He hopes she will not get carried away and try to fulfill her ambitions at the expense of the family. However, if Wendy goes on like this, who knows who her next victim will be?

Everything We Know About the Fourth & Final Season of ‘Ozark’

The Byrde family is so involved in building enterprise for Mexican clients. Season three was the best one and it got nine Emmy nominations, among others for acting for Jason Bateman and Laura Linney. There are some things we already know or can predict about season four. Considering how popular the show was, and how much fuss it’s shocking season three finale caused, it comes as a surprise that season four will be the final one. We do not know when season four will premiere. Ozark never followed a strict schedule. Season one came in July 2017; season two over a year later in August 2018 and season three only in 2020. Netflix paused all its production because of COVID-19 so it might be awhile before we get to see season 4 of Ozark. Unlike previous seasons, season four will have 14 episodes. The main characters and the supporting characters will return to the show, except the ones that got murdered.

Recap of season three – what happened and what you’ve missed

Season three is the best season and a completely different one from the previous two of Ozark seasons. Two major points of season three are the transformation of Wendy Byrde, and Navarro Cartel choosing the Byrdes over Helen Pierce (portrayed by Janet McTeer). Wendy gets her brother killed for the interests of the Navarro Cartel and Omar Navarro the head of the Cartel shoots Helen Pierce in the head. Omar thinks that the Byrdes have some power over the FBI and can make the drug cartel operations easy. At the end of the season, Omar Navarro says that “this is just the beginning”. So, season four will probably have some mind-blowing plot development.