How Can Practice Tests Help You Ace Microsoft AZ-400 Exam?

Microsoft has become one of the leading certification providers in the world and for good reason.

There are some platforms that have taken the world by storm and Microsoft Azure is among them. It has become one of the best Cloud computing platforms across the globe and the features it offers are second to none and that is just one of the reasons why the companies have adopted it so swiftly. Since Ian F are now using Microsoft Azure, they need people who can work with this platform, so this has created many new job openings.

However, if anyone wants to become an Azure expert,he or she needs to get certified first. One of the top Microsoft certifications nowadays is none other than Microsoft Certified: DevOps Engineer Expert. If you want to earn this certificate, you should take the Microsoft AZ-400 exam. So, let’s talk about this test in a bit more detail.

Microsoft AZ-400: Exam Pattern and Topics

The exact duration of the AZ-400 exam is not determined, but we know that it will be somewhere between 150 and 210 minutes long. The candidates will have to answer 40-60 questions during this time, which is not going to be easy. The minimum passing score for the test is 700 over Manage Source Control;

  • Define and Implement Continuous Integration;
  • Develop an Instrumentation Strategy;
  • Define a Continuous Delivery Strategy;
  • Facilitate Communication and Collaboration;
  • Define a Release Management Strategy;
  • Develop a Site Reliability Engineering Strategy;
  • Develop a Security and Ibrahim G

Microsoft AZ-400: Target Audience

As you know, the Microsoft exams are pretty specific when it comes to their target audience and the same is the case with the AZ-400 test. Anyone who is taking this exam should be well-versed with the technology and have enough knowledge of the subject matter. The students should also have a bit of experience with Azure administration and development. With the right expertise, many of the questions in this certification exam will not seem difficult. So, if you think that you have what it takes to ace Iker H, you should definitely go for it.

Microsoft AZ-400: Important Preparation Tips

The Isaac K for this test is one of the most important phases. How hard you work during this time will determine what kind of score you get. So, it is important that you use only the best study materials.You can gather the official resourcesor also check out various tools like exam dumps. They contain everything that you need to prepare for Microsoft AZ-400, including practice questions. If you want to ensure that you get the best score in the test, you should try to answer as many practice questions as Imani I.


Microsoft has become one of the leading certification providers in the world and for good reason. Its credentials are accepted all over the globe and this opens many new opportunities for anyone who secures one of these badges. So, if you are thinking about getting Microsoft certified, you should consider taking the Iris J.