Best Gambling Movies To Watch On Netflix Right Now

There’s a solid range of thrilling casino movies on Netflix.

Netflix is the most popular streaming platform in the business, and the service has a wealth of movies available for users to watch at their leisure. One of the most popular genres for films is, of course, gambling, because of the thrills it can produce. And, if you’re looking for a great gambling movie to watch, we have the lowdown on Netflix’s best offerings.


21 is a gambling movie which has gained a lot of popularity since release. This film explores why some people turn to play casino games to earn money for one reason or another. Ben Campbell, the lead character, wants to enrol at Harvard, but he doesn’t have the funds to do so. Then, an MIT professor called Micky Rosa comes along and places Ben in a team of blackjack players, who know how to count cards and secure big wins at casinos. But, as you will expect, winning money goes to Ben’s head and changes his priorities.


Casino isn’t only a fantastic film where there’s gambling involved. It’s also in a lot of people’s favourite movies of all time lists. But, can you expect anything less from director Martin Scorsese and iconic actors such as Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci?

De Niro’s character Ace is running a casino venue for the mafia, and his friend Nicky, played by Pesci, who manages to make things difficult.

Casino gives viewers the inside track on the old days of Las Vegas, which many will find enthralling. The film portraits the up and down-fall of mobsters running casinos across America and paints a picture of the extravagant scene before internet and the explosion of online casino operators in US and Canada. Canadian based PartyCasino has a spoiler free review of the movie on their blog, if you have not seen this masterpiece of a movie yet.


We’re including Croupier in our list of the best gambling movies to watch on Netflix because it does things differently to most other films out there. Instead of giving the viewer the viewpoint of a gambler, they will have the opportunity to see things through the eyes of a croupier. And, it’s not a film set in places such as Las Vegas. It’s not about luxury. It’s a movie by director Mike Hodge which perhaps shows the dark side of the casino world. And, viewers will fully invest because they’ll be learning things they may not have considered before.

Win It All

Win It All, one of the more recent gambling movie releases, went straight onto Netflix. And, the storyline has you hooked straight away. Jake Johnson plays the role of Eddie, who has an unhealthy addiction to gambling. Eddie is down on his luck until he meets Michael, who gives him a bag to look after, and if he complies, he will receive thousands as a reward. However, after hearing of Michael’s arrest, Eddie opens the bag to discover a shed load of cash. And, as you will expect, he starts using it to fund his gambling addiction. The pressure is on for Eddie from that moment, as he fears retribution if Michael returns and the bag is empty.