What Makes a Good Zombie Movie Flick

Good or bad, the genre has a massive following.

The genre of zombie flicks has its share of good and bad movies. Either way, the genre has a following, which is why production houses are always willing to invest in them. There may not be a book of written rules that guarantee a good zombie movie. However, there are some similarities you can pick up from all the good ones. 

Make it scary

Let’s not forget movies featuring zombies are supposed to be scary. You need to make the audience fear the zombie. While comedy is always nice, zombies are the “undead” there is no need to make them funny. There have been hits like Zombieland which is essentially a comedy, but even that initially established fear of the undead with the character, Columbus, fighting a zombie off at the start of the movie.  

You will find that all zombie hits show the outbreak as a scary event that threatens the existence of the human race.

Defines the abilities and weakness of the zombie

For the audience to fear the zombie, but at the same time for the character to fend them off, the movie needs to showcase the abilities and weaknesses of the zombies. Both abilities and weaknesses need to be consistent throughout the movie. For example, if you show a zombie punching through a car door in one scene, humans shouldn’t easily beat them in a fistfight. 

When it comes to weaknesses, they should be introduced mid-way through the movie. You don’t want to reveal them too early, because it would make the movie predictable, or too late, making a rushed ending.

Keep the story intimate

The story doesn’t have to be global to be good. You find that many zombie movies today show a chaotic, apocalyptic world with the zombies taking over. These movies may seem like a good idea but miss out on making the audience feel like a part of the movie. Keep the story small and intimate so it is easier for the audience to follow and lets them relate to it. 

Keep your characters grounded

Never gamble, as you would on Goldenslot, on the main character by making them an alpha-male that runs around with guns, shooting zombies. People want to see characters they can relate to and most people would be terrified of a zombie outbreak. While it is okay for them to show some sense of heroism, don’t go overboard with it. Keep your characters grounded and as real as possible. 

No need to go into too much detail of the outbreak

In the horror movie genre, the element of not-knowing the complete story always makes things scarier. You don’t need to go into explaining every bit of detail about the outbreak. Leave something to the imagination of the viewers, dropping hints along the way. 

The rules listed above are just the tip of the iceberg. Remember there are no hard-and-fast rules to make a good zombie movie. While these rules may help, you still need to focus on the story and ensure you get a good, convincing cast to have a chance at a good movie.