Montreal COVID-19 outbreak

Montreal COVID-19 outbreak linked to several dance events

“We are asking people to only have one partner during the evening.”

In a press conference this morning, Montreal public health director Mylène Drouin announced that a small outbreak of COVID-19 has been linked to a few Latin and salsa dance events. She is asking for the public’s help with contact tracing, and telling anyone who attended the events in question to get tested ASAP.

“We ask people who have been to these types of events, indoors or outdoors, since July 31 to go and get screened,” Mylène Drouin said regarding the COVID-19 outbreak in Montreal. “We have an outbreak of three confirmed cases, two of which were contagious: one on Ste-Catherine Street on Aug. 14 and the other at Parc Frédéric-Back on Aug. 15. There could be other events that are implicated at Parc LaFontaine and in Verdun. It is important if people have symptoms to go and get tested, but if they’ve been at these events, to also go and get tested. Clinics are going to be able to accommodate people.

“Dancing indoors is still not permitted,” Drouin added. “Outdoor events are permitted but there are rules that need to be addressed and reinforced. People with symptoms should not go to these events, people who have been in contact someone with COVID-19 should not go. People should wear a mask, and we are asking people to only have one partner during the evening or even for different events and if possible, a partner who lives at the same address. Wash your hands often between dances.”

For information about how to get tested for COVID-19 in Montreal, please click here.

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