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Amy from Brooklyn Nine-Nine has an issue with the Quebec remake, Escouade 99

Melissa Fumero tweeted about her character’s ethnicity.

The Quebec remake of Brooklyn Nine-Nine Escouade 99, launched this week, and Melissa Fumero, who plays Amy Santiago on the American version, commented that watching the trailer is “like peeking through another dimension” and suggested that her role should have gone to a Latina actress.

Melissa Fumero (Amy on Brooklyn Nine-Nine) comments on Quebec remake Escouade 99

Stephanie Beatriz, another Latina actress who plays Rosa Diaz on Brooklyn Nine-Nine (and whose character is also played by a white Québécoise actress in the remake), replied with a series of woozy faces.

Stephanie Beatriz (who plays Rosa Diaz on Brooklyn Nine-Nine) responds

It’s worth noting that the two characters portrayed by Black actors in the American show are also played by Black Quebec actors in Escouade 99. ■

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