Crash 4K

James Spader and Holly Hunter in Crash

The 4K restoration of Crash by David Cronenberg is out this weekend

“That guy’s gotta stop. He’ll see us.”

In his recently shot introduction for the newly restored 4K version Crash, coming to VOD tomorrow via MK2 Mile End, Friday, Aug. 14, director David Cronenberg explains that author J.G. Ballard (who wrote the book of the same name that the film was based on) said that a movie version of his work should be viewed in a car going 100 miles an hour. Seated in a Tesla with a 17-inch screen, Cronenberg adds that this is now possible, but not necessarily advisable.

MK2 Mile End builds anticipation for the release of the restored 4K version of Crash by David Cronenberg

And although Crash 4K won’t get the drive-in premiere and theatrical release that Toronto audiences are being treated to (it’s also screening in Vancouver), the 1996 film about car-crash fetishists (which is almost wall to wall sex scenes) can be screened on VOD at home — arguably as it should be. ■

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