Zach Zoya Slurpee

WATCH: Slurpee, the new video by Zach Zoya

It’s slurpee weather. And vodka weather.

The hottest day of the year might be the perfect time to watch “Slurpee,” the new video by Quebec rapper Zach Zoya. Directed by Montreal artist le Ged, the video for “Slurpee” features Zach Zoya drinking vodka slush and hallucinating that the ladies in his crew are twerking on cars with exhaust shooting out of their butts — admittedly it’s way better in the video (with a great song to accompany it) than it sounds on paper.

Watch the video here:

“Slurpee” is the first track to be released from Zoya’s upcoming EP Spectrum, due out later this year via 7ième Ciel/Universal Music Canada. According to a press release, Zoya’s decision to release his major label debut this week was made following “much self-reflection.”

Here’s what Zoya — a second generation Canadian whose South African father immigrated to Canada after fleeing apartheid — had to say:

“It is impossible for me to not be affected by the events surrounding George Floyd’s murder and the Black Lives Matter movement that’s currently taking place. I think people will understand when I say you can feel the hurt in the air lately. In reflecting on what part I ought to play in all of this as an artist, I realized that I have the opportunity to lighten the weight of the heaviness and celebrate Black excellence through my art. I think that’s important. While I’ve never been known for making political music, I’ve been speaking out on social media over the past month and will continue to share my experience.” ■

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