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St-Ambroise introduces Session de l’Île, a new tropical-style NEIPA

We can at least pretend we’re on a beach.

Montreal brewery McAuslan has introduced a fresh new St-Ambroise New England India Pale Ale (NEIPA) called Session de l’Île to its lineup, one that has a more tropical flavour, and is also not as bitter as their original NEIPA. Since none of us have been able to travel to a resort or beach destination over the past few months, the arrival of this new beer is pretty perfect. The can screams beach vibes, and the tropical citrus flavours are said to “pair beautifully with a sunny afternoon or sinking your toes in warm sand.” The beer is available in Montreal and across the rest of Quebec — please click here to find a list of participating stores.

“Session de l’Île is a hazy session NEIPA with a more tropical aroma and flavour than our regular NEIPA. This NEIPA with fruit accents is made with Pilsner malt giving it a lighter colour. The beer also has a lower IBU (International Bitterness Units) than our regular NEIPA. Four varieties of hops added to the whirlpool and a massive dry hop infusion of six different hop varieties counterbalances the tropical flavours.”

—McAuslan on their new St-Ambroise New England India Pale Ale
Montreal brewery McAuslan has launched a new St-Ambroise beer called Session de l’Île, a tropical-style NEIPA

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