Avenue Mont-Royal

Photo by LaTrompette Studio

PHOTOS: Avenue Mont-Royal gets a makeover for the summer

“The challenge was … maintaining significant human experiences, while respecting physical distancing.”

Today Avenue Mont-Royal unveiled a makeover for this summer of physical distancing and safe shopping and promenading. A three-kilometre stretch of the commercial artery in the heart of Montreal has been redesigned by artist collectives Castor & Pollux, In Time and Place, Îlot 84, le Comité and MU, at the invitation of the avenue’s merchants association (SDAMR) and the Plateau borough.

MU, one of five Montreal design collectives that worked on redesign

“In this urban laboratory, the challenge was to succeed in maintaining significant human experiences while respecting physical distancing. While the Avenue Mont-Royal is recognized for its large artistic and commercial gatherings, and the close relationship that residents of the neighbourhood maintain with their merchants.”

—Claude Rainville, director general of the SDAMR

See more photos of the new structures and street murals (taken by LaTrompette Studio) here:

Avenue Mont-Royal
By Castor & Pollux, In Time and Place, Îlot 84, le Comité and MU
Avenue Mont-Royal
Avenue Mont-Royal
Terrasses on the redesigned commercial artery in Montreal’s Plateau

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